On Exchange

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Originally appearing as an appendix to Azpilcueta's Manual de confesores y penitentes, this commentary on Gregory IX's prohibition of nautical usury goes far beyond the consideration of that famous text by exploring various economic realities, including exchange practices, supply and demand, and the nature of money. In an era of economic development that was increasingly putting pressure on the church's traditional stance against usury and certain kinds of exchange contracts, Azpilcueta, in conversation with traditional church authorities and his contemporaries, argues that many of the trade and exchange practices of his day are licit. Furthermore, his account of the fluctuation of the value of money marks a significant development in early modern economic thought.

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Series Introduction vii
Abbreviations xix
Introduction by Rodrigo Muñoz xxi
On Exchange:
An Adjudicative Commentary
The Text of Naviganti
1. Text Interpretation
2. Concept and Types of Exchanges
3. The Origin and Functions of Money
4. Just and Licit Exchange
5. Exchanging as a Profession
6. Exchange for Small Coinage
7. Exchanging for Bills of Exchange
8. Exchanging by Transference
9. Exchanging for an Interest
10. Exchanging by Safekeeping
11. Exchange by Buying, Bartering,or Innominate Contract
12. The Value of Money
13. Money That Is Present and Money That Is Absent
14. International Credit and Exchange

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Additional Info

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Translated By Jeannine Emery
ISBN 978-194250300-2
Page Count 176
Publisher CLP
Year Published 2014
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